Superior Optics

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Latest technology,

​array of options

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​Our opticians specialize in customizing your prescription with superior optics and latest technology. Come see  the “wow” factor of the newest high definition lenses. 

Using the latest technology and superior optics, we can provide you with appropriate lenses for your optical needs.​

We provide the following lenses:

  • digital high definition free form lenses
  • ​polarized lenses
  • transitional lenses
  • ​anti-reflective lenses
  • computer lenses
  • ​hi-index lenses
  • polycarbonite lenses
  • progressive lenses
  • Trivex lenses
  • ​safety lenses

If you've had trouble getting the right prescription lenses owe it to your eyes to come see us. We specialize in hard to fit prescriptions.  Personal Eyes Opticians has been providing superior custom lens fitting for over 30 years.